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Which companies can use a robotic cell?

There are four key points that can help you understand if your company can integrate a robotic cell to improve specific production flows and increase production rates. They concern the tasks to be performed by the industrial robot located in the cell, the sector in which your company operates, the cost-benefit ratio for a ROI calculation and the type of environment in which it will be installed.

What is a robot cell?

This is a key topic for many entrepreneurs who are considering strategies to innovate and improve their company's production flow. Robotized cells may look like simple machines, but they actually involve complex projects and highly advanced technical solutions, which are often tailored to make the production flow of each company smoother and more efficient.


Robot cells for the production of fashion accessories

The use of robotized cells for the tending of computer numerical control machines is a revolutionary system that has deeply affected the production potential of many Italian companies operating in the manufacturing of metal accessories for the fashion industry, i.e. accessories for clothing and/or bags/leather goods.

Industrial automation and work management

One of the unquestionable advantages of industrial automation is that it allows a company to be operational even in the absence of an operator. In fact the added value of automation is exactly that of being able to work without the operator's intervention,or in any case limiting the human activity to supervision. What does this mean in practical terms for a company? Continuous productivity that is not affected by holidays, weekends, night shifts and extraordinary closure periods - even long-term ones.

Trouble-shooting and industrial automation

How important is the time factor when it comes to solving a technical problem within a production line? It’s crucial. It has consequences on many other aspects. Management and economics are the first ones. A robotized cell is an industrial automation system which is specifically installed to speed up production times, improve workflows and run even when the company is closed. But what if it gets stuck, an alarm is set off or there is a problem? And what if it has to be put into production/ be turned on but it’s not possible to receive on-site assistance?