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Tera Automation’s 2023 in a nutshell

2023 is running out. It’s time to look back at what we have done and set our sights to future challenges and opportunities. This article aims to give an overview of the events that marked our 2023, just in case you missed something along the way.

A year travelling the world


If we were to sum the distances travelled with all the flights taken in 2023, it would surely result in a double world tour. Together with our partner Italimpianti Orafi, in fact, this year - like every year, we committed ourselves to attending the most prestigious trade fairs in the field of precious metals and jewellery.

With this purpose we travelled around China, India, Malaysia, Emirates, Turkey, Canada, United States and Europe, for a total of 17 trade fairs. This data highlights our distinctive willingness to build direct relationships with our clients all over the world and share innovations regarding our products.

The 47th Conference of IPMI in Arizona, for example, represented a challenging opportunity which gave us the chance to make a speech on the future of platinoids (PGM) as well as to introduce our vacuum tunnel furnace T – Barmaster Pt-Pd - especially designed for platinum and palladium ingots.

Concerning the coming year, we’re kick-starting it by taking part at the unmissable Vicenzaoro, one of the most important fairs on a national level, where we will introduce our brand-new tunnel furnace.

Latest news

In terms of news, 2023 was the year of the launch of our New Design line, a real re-styling project of our machines that started last may with our flagship product T-Barmaster.

Given the high level of specialization achieved in the automation area, we felt it was high time to focus on the aesthetic and the user-friendliness of our products, which are both relevant features in the realization of our machines.

On the wave of these innovations, we decided to bring to light a very ambitious project that will be unveiled next month. On the occasion of Vicenzaoro, we will present our brand-new T-Barmaster Spaceless, our first induction furnace that – as the name suggests, does not need any spacers.

On the one hand, removing spacers from the fusion process of precious metals forced us to re-think all the working of the furnace, but on the other hand it gifted us of an unbeatable machine in terms of reduction of footprint, consumption, and environmental impact.

A scholarship for the future of our valley

Together with the high schools of Casentino, last June we worked on a project that aimed at building a stronger connection between the local education system and the working world. To do so, Luca Fiorini – CEO of Tera Automation, set up a scholarship fund for high school graduates willing to pursue STEM courses on higher education.

At the end of the project, two students who stood out for merit and excelled in the tests taken at Tera Automation were awarded: they were offered an annual contribution for their next five years of study in addition to several work orientation meetings, in order to encourage a closer relationship between university and working world.

Our first ten years

It was 2013 and Tera Automation was starting to cut their teeth with their first induction furnaces for metals and a rudimentary technology that still had not shown her best side. Challenges and courage went hand in hand.

On September 15 - ten years later, we earned recognition and affection from our employees, partners, and clients at the celebration for our first ten years.

In that occasion, we visited the production line at Italpreziosi and at our headquarters, and we ended the day having dinner in the wonderful medieval surrounding of the Poppi Castle.

It was not only an unforgettable event, but also a unique occasion to strengthen the human relationships with our stakeholders that we – as a company, have always wanted to prioritize. Undoubtedly, such occasions give us the energy and enthusiasm necessary to roll up our sleeves and reach our next goals. 

An eye at the numbers

We are now almost at the end of this overview. Even though we know that every success is the result of dozens of people working hard, we consider it useful to look at a few budget figures.

Once again, this year Tera Automation received the award as Growth Leader from Sole24Ore and Growth Champion from La Repubblica: these two certificates prove our ongoing growth in terms of turnover, which amounts to 6 million euros for 2022, presenting a 22% increase on the previous year.

Our ongoing growth has of course involved our staff as well, leading us to hire both young and senior figures, equally divided in gender.


Tera Automation confirms their positive trend and keep distinguishing themselves as a strongly international company characterized by a highly innovative component.

New Year’s resolutions

Without meaning to make any predictions or analysis of the current situation, here’s what we look forward to for the upcoming 2024:

  • a responsible growth, going hand in hand with our client’s satisfaction and our employees’ well-being.
  • the ability to respond pro-actively to an increasingly unpredictable market.
  • to keep our eagerness to learn always alive.
  • to never lose our humanity.

Tera Automation thanks all their employees that work hard everyday for the progress of the company and wishes everyone happy holidays and a bright, sparkling new year.