Tera Automation Tunnel Furnace has been accused of infringing a patent.
At present the action is at the precautionary injunction stage, needless to say we will defend our good name throughout all the levels of judiciary procedures foreseen by Italian Law.

This mentioned patent EXPIRED on July 10, 2017.  
It is no longer valid. 
This means that anyone can NOW produce that kind of tunnel furnace. 

With respect to these recent events we wish to strongly reassure our present and future Customers that by purchasing Tera Automation Tunnel Furnace they will not face any problem whatsoever.
On the contrary, Tera Automation regards the above accusations as the best form of advertisement for our machine, widely recognized as featuring unparalleled characteristics and possessing unmatched qualities.

Note that Tera’s Tunnel Furnace series with its unique cutting edge technology was patented in 2013 (patent).


Luca Fiorini
Tera Automation Srl, CEO