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Tera Robotics

Harder, better, faster, stronger

Tera is now taking its production one step further by combining its broad experience in food and precious metals robotics and automation with its staff intelligence and passion to create a wide line of robotic solutions and automated machines.

Any type of robot – SCARA, delta or anthropomorphic – can also be equipped with a visual detection system, which enables it to automate/mechanize a wide range of procedures like pick & place, sorting of items based on form, dimension or color, items handling and quality control.

Industrial Applications

Due to their extremely versatile nature, robots can be used in any sector. Many automated systems have been developed and integrated by Tera’s engineers in order to reach higher levels of safety, increase the production rate and reduce risks and dangers for the on-site operators in workplaces such as foundries, thus acquiring many years of experience in assembly, sorting and welding lines.
Among all the others, there are primary applications for these robotic solutions:

    • (CNC) Machine tending & feeding
    • Sorting
    • Loading and unloading
    • Palletizing
    • Pick and place
    • Metals sampling
    • Packing & Packaging
    • Welding
    • Assembly
    • Painting
    • Polishing

Our robots are unequaled in rendering high production flexibility and a quick return on investment.

Safety and efficiency: the advantages of  robotic integration

Tera has always pursued new challenges and goals in order to guarantee benefits both for the operators and the company in terms of:

  • Increased productivity
  • Quick Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Consistent quality
  • Non-stop availability (24/7)
  • Health and safety

CNC machines and robots speak the same language

CNC machines and Tera’s robots can interact through ISO programming or other computer software programs, resulting in the automation of the production. This means shorter cycle time, higher profits and increased productivity. Machine tending by means of robotic integration is available for all kinds of machines from CNC systems to shears.

Vision systems: robots can see!

Thanks to their visual detection system for 2D and 3D items, our robots can easily:

  • Read bar codes;
  • Sort items according to dimension, form,
    position or color;
  • Pick and place randomly scattered items
    with no need for additional jigs.

Intelligent robots

Tera is developing new robotic solutions equipped with Machine Learning. It is a rapidly advancing technology which makes computers able to mimic the human ability to learn from experience, but taking it a little bit further. In fact, our robots cannot only input data, but also indicate useful information for future actions.
Machine Learning has several benefits: our robotic solutions are almost independent (aside from initial indications and occasional training and course-correcting), they’re faster, more precise and more efficient than humans.

Robotics & Environment

With the bleak prospects for growth in the volumes of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE" or "e-waste"), a solution is urgently needed. In 2017 Tera Automation, together with Italimpianti Orafi, Violi and the spin-off company of the Sant'Anna University of Pisa "Mediate", won the still ongoing "Eco Ewaste" tender, which lies within the POR CreO 2014-2020 program (Regional Operational Program of the European Regional Development Fund). The collaboration is producing important and interesting results in which robotics is involved at the forefront to solve in an intelligent and optimal way the long-standing problem of WEEE.

Your first robot?
Start experiencing our high-paying automation and robotic solutions right now! Also, you will never be alone: our highly-skilled team will be reachable 24/7 to support you before and after the installation.


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